Tuesday 15 June 2010

SLACKER trailer review

Trailers are an important tool in building buzz and anticipation for films. A good trailer can sell a bad movie, a bad trailer can kill a good movie. Here we try and tell the difference between the two and pick out the most anticipated new films.

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I'm really not sure what the grand scheme is that these guys are planning to do, and I don't think this trailer even bothered trying to explain it, just showing a bunch of scenes with explosions and weaponry. There's way too many cast members and it looks like Armored 2. Also, why would a trailer feature Zoe Saldana so much if she's not even one of the top-billed cast? Chris Brown's involvement in this film seems to have been played down; he's like poison at the moment. I do like Idris Elba as he's a likeable, charismatic guy, but he's just not been able to find that cinematic role that could offer him a breakout. Not for me thanks.
Due September 17th
Anticipation Level


This is Disney's new kids animation starring Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi and, well, it looks a bit boring. As is tradition now it's not the classic Rapunzel tale, but a reimagined version with more girl power. This started out as the classic story, and they've changed the title so it will appeal more to boys. But this still looks REALLY girly, despite the trailer focusing on the male lead. It looks like an expanded version of one of those short scenes they put in the first couple of Shrek movies and I can't see it keeping kid's attention for the whole running time.
Due Christmas 2010
Anticipation Level


I've got a bit more interest in this Disney sci-fi fantasy. Nicolas Cage has been turning his career around a bit recently, and Jay Baruchel is a likeable enough guy, if maybe a bit old for this role. This isn't the first trailer we've seen for this film, but this feature trailer definitely offers some tantalising glimpses of what looks like a fairly CGI heavy film. It kicks into gear when we see all the cool fire and water effects, and Alfred Molina looks good as the mysterious smokey man. The New York City setting's working for me too.
Due August 13th
Anticipation Level


Well this is just another inside look at the corruption of Capitol Hill, and doesn't look like it offers anything new. I can't remember the last time I saw Jon Lovitz in a movie, but this trailer doesn't show enough of him. Yes, Kevin Spacey is a good actor, but my interest in this story is close to zero, and the fact that this is from the director of Factory Girl doesn't help.
Due Winter 2010
Anticipation Level


Okay, so this isn't a trailer for a real movie yet. It's an early glimpse of a potential reinvention of the Mortal Kombat franchise, and boy, it looks cool. There's some of the classic video game characters, and some favourites are dispatched before the movie's even started filming. It's no holds barred; bloody and violent in the way you'd always hoped. Fan reaction has been pretty high on this well made piece of viral marketing, so expect to see a new installment in the franchise sometime in early 2012.
Due (maybe) 2012
Anticipation Level


Sofia Coppola's last film was Marie Antoinette which, even though I liked it, was a bit underwhelming compared to her previous works. Even though there's virtually no dialogue in this trailer, you get a basic outline of the plot. An actor staying at a hotel reconnects with his daughter. Of all the people to offer a career resurgence to, Stephen Dorff is an interesting choice, but I'm sure this will completely revitalise him and, from the look of it, make a star out of Dakota Fanning's little sister Elle. It's similar in look, style and tone to Lost in Translation but I don't consider that to be a bad thing. Can't wait to see more.
Due Winter 2010
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