Tuesday 8 June 2010

SLACKER trailer review

Trailers are an important tool in building buzz and anticipation for films. A good trailer can sell a bad movie, a bad trailer can kill a good movie. Here we try and tell the difference between the two and pick out the most anticipated new films.

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I'm confused. Is there a character filming the goings on or not, because it half looked like there was and half looked like there wasn't. There's some spooky goings on in backwoods Louisiana, and a ritual exorcism on a young girl goes wrong. Who'd have though it? The mention of Eli Roth as a producer doesn't exactly inspire confidence in this project, but it looks like it's got some cool visuals such as the crawling on the ceiling and bending over backwards.
Due Halloween
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So he just kidnaps her, right? He takes her out of the coffee shop and puts her into his car and drives off, like he's going to make her his bride. I don't think they've set up the story well here. They're clearly aiming for goofy, and that's what they've achieved. It's got some interesting locales and seems to offer a few good action set pieces, but I'm not sure if I can stomach seeing Tom Cruise in such a comedic role for a whole film. It's got Peter Sarsgaard as the villain so I'll give it a shot.
Due July 2nd
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Of course it's an updated version of the classic tale, but this seems a particularly contrived situation that essentially makes Jack Black the only person in the movie. Personally, if I was trying to sell a movie about tiny miniature people, I'd put them in the trailer a bit more. There's some familiar faces among the little people, and I would have liked to have seen more of them. This is an early teaser and the film's not due out until Christmas, so I suppose there's plenty of time for them to show more Lilliputians. Jack Black's being himself again, running around and rocking out, but I can see with no-one else on screen how that might become annoying.
Due Christmas 2010
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Absolutely amazing. Incredible. Awesome. If I was on the brink of death, I'd hold on just so I could see this movie, knowing that once I'd seen it, I could die a happy man. The cast looks great; Michael Cera may be doing his usual persona that he's got down to a T now, but I can't wait to see what Chris Evans, Brandon Routh and Jason Schwartzman are like in the film. It looks like this could be the ultimate Edgar Wright movie, with all the cool video game references, music and stylish comic book fight scene graphics. My only worry is, where can Edgar Wright go from here?
Due August 6th
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  1. Scott Pilgram looks amazing.
    What the hell is Knight and Day about then? Cameron Diaz looks OLD. And Tom Cruise looks weird.
    And the trailer for Gulliver's Travels is terrible, why spend so much time on Jack Black and his dull life. Looks boring.