Saturday 29 May 2010

What's The Matter? Can't You Read???!!!!

Okay then, own up. Who hasn't watched a film purely because it's subtitled? With news this week that Martyrs is getting a Hollywood remake and the Let the Right One In remake 'Let Me In' on its way, I was wondering...
  • Is there any films where you've waited for the remake just to avoid a bit of reading?
  • Have you seen both and preferred the remake?
  • Am I wrong for thinking that's a bit daft?
Please leave your comments below! 


  1. Makes me rather angry to tell the truth. My sister's stupid boyfriend refuses to watch subtitled movies. He is what is known as completely retarded.
    There are some incredible foreign films out there, and for them to be immediately dismissed because they are subtitled is just insulting.

  2. People want to be spoon fed! That's there own fault, they are missing out on some brilliant cinema because they are lazy!

  3. I was queueing for a movie recently and overheard someone marvelling to their friend about how surprisingly easy it was to read and watch the film at the same time. Morons!