Sunday 31 March 2013

Woody Allen - Stammer Time

There are few things in life that can be enjoyed more than a Woody Allen film, particularly those featuring the man himself. Sadly, those appearances are few and far between nowadays, so one must rely on his back catalogue to satisfy their need for a short, nervous, never really comfortable performer mumbling his way through the lines he has written himself. Well, some bright sparks at The Huffington Post have decided to revisit all of Allen's acting roles and picked through his distinctive dialogue to highlight that most important aspect of the Woody Allen persona; his befuddled, frantic stuttering.

I'm not sure whether it shows how prolific a filmmaker/actor Allen is, how erudite he can be, or how much he is essentially playing the same character (himself), but as loving tributes go (using footage from his almost 50 year-long career in front of the camera), this 45 minute long compilation of every one of his on screen stutters is useless and hypnotic in equal measure.

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