Monday 26 November 2012

Whose face looks the most out of place on the poster for Movie 43?

Despite having a non-entity of a title, a trailer that makes it look like this generation's Burn, Hollywood, Burn and one of the most offensively garish posters I've ever seen, the upcoming Movie 43 has managed to secure itself an impressive cast of Hollywood A-Listers and respected comic actors. But which one of them looks the most out of place?

Could it be...

Richard Gere, who's looking right at us saying "look, I'm old, I'm miserable, and I'm in this film because I wanted something to do on the weekends".

Hugh Jackman, who is happy to remind everyone that although sometimes he looks like this, he's quite possibly the most theatrical man in Hollywood who likes to have a laugh and a joke too, and wear rather lovely knitted scarves.

Chloe Grace Moretz, who seems to be saying to herself "Naomi Watts' and Kate Winslet's names are on this poster somewhere, and I have to share a photo frame with McLovin? Wait a minute, didn't I mess you up big style in Kick Ass?"

Halle Berry, who at this point in her career is taking as many opportunities as she can to show off about how good looking she still is. She's 46 for chrissakes.

Emma Stone, who looks disappointed in her agent for getting her involved in this project. Her face seems to say "I'm better than this". Yes, Emma, you are. Also, your hair looks pretty.

And the winner is....

Johnny Knoxville, still plugging away at his acting career but not noticeably enough for the makers of this film to take a still photo of him whilst he was on set, instead putting this old candid photo of him through the photoshop mill so that he resembles Frankenstein's Monster's little brother.

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