Thursday 1 November 2012


The tragic indie romantic comedy has long been the stomping ground of TV actresses wanting to show off their range whilst boosting their credibility, but when the film in question stars Community's Alison Brie and Lizzy Caplan, I'm inclined to pay more attention than I normally would. Yes, they're both quite easy on the eye, but both are also actresses on the cusp of wider recognition, and Save The Date seems like a promising enough drama to do that.

Documenting the troublesome times of late 20s dating and relationships, when Caplan's Sarah decides to split up with her long term boyfriend and re-evaluate her life, it has a domino effect on the seemingly happy relationship of her younger sister, Beth (Brie). With both young women approaching potential heartbreak with drastically different methods and Sarah finding rebound love with Mark Webber's Jonathan, Save The Date looks to sidestep its hipster leanings by being emotionally vunerable whilst offering some tragi-comic moments. I'm only really familiar with Brie's comedic side, so I'm keen to see how she adapts to a heartfelt indie romance.

The title might make you think we're in for another post-Bridesmaids "girls can be raucous too!" wedding movie, but from the evidence of this trailer, Save The Date appears to be more than that. The poster appears to be aiming for a much more middle of the road audience than the rather more frank trailer is, but with two of young Hollywood's unheralded talents flexing their dramatic muscles, hopefully it will attract the right audience.

Save The Date is released in the States on December 14th. Best make a note of it somehow so that you don't forget.

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