Friday 11 November 2011

Who Gives A Damn About Brendan Fraser?

For reasons that I hope are obvious after seeing this trailer, despite being the sequel to a film that I didn't think was that great when I saw it in the cinemas, the awkwardly titled Journey 2: The Mysterious Island has made it onto my must see list for next year. Gone is original lead Brendan Fraser and in his place is the man who likes to be called Dwayne, but usually gets simply called The Rock.

Sure, it looks about as geologically accurate as the first film and is so brightly coloured you'll finally be glad you're wearing the light dimming 3D glasses, but by having a massively improved cast (hello Sir Michael Caine, even if you are dressed like Sean Connery in Medicine Man), it should be a lot of fun. As trade offs go, switching the original star Brendan Fraser for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is like swapping a Moped for a Maserati, him alone being worth the price of admission. Need proof?

Have you ever seen Brendan Fraser bounce berries off his pectorals in 3D? I think not.

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