Tuesday 22 November 2011

It's Time For A Bit Of Housekeeping...

Hi folks.

If anyone's been wondering why there's been such a lack of new reviews up recently, I'll blame it on a number of factors. Firstly, I've started a new job in an actual cinema that takes up a lot of my time, but they pay me to turn up so continue to turn up I shall. Secondly, my new abode has some appalling internet access that, whilst it may sound like a prime example of a 21st Century problem that no-one should really care about, is unfortunately both true and a major set back.

However, this hasn't meant that I've stopped watching films at the cinema and on DVD/Blu-ray, and I have built up a massive backlog of reviews that I need to type up and publish here for your reading pleasure. Never mind the cathartic pleasure I get from reviewing films, I'm really doing this for you lucky people* (Actually I'm lying. I've just realised that the Total Film Movie Blog Awards are just around the corner and I'm hoping to place higher in my category than I did last January ✝).

I've still got some big plans for the site that I'm working on, but for now I'm kinda hampered by my work schedule so please bear with me whilst I get some reviews written up. Here's a bold statement that I probably won't be able to stick to... I'm going to publish at least 50 reviews before the year is out.

Okay I'm off. I think I better get some writing done.

*That's clearly a joke.
✝ I came in fourth place, thanks for asking.

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