Tuesday 21 June 2011

Prepare Yourselves For The Best Knock Knock Joke I Could Think Of Off The Top Of My Head

Knock, knock.

Who's there?


Orange who?

Orange you getting a bit sick of those annoying cinema ads yet?

Actually, the latest one is at least mildly amusing and might not make me want to scratch my eyes out until at least after the tenth viewing. By my estimation I had to watch the Rio one about thirty times in total, and that one started to grate on me as soon as they turned the stupid Pigeon orange. Whether this latest ad will make audiences want to go and watch Potiche, I doubt it, but kudos to Orange for choosing to promote a smaller film and not just backing the next big blockbuster which doesn't need the added exposure and isn't out for months anyway. I expect they'll do that next time instead.

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