Tuesday 10 May 2011

FINAL DESTINATION 5 trailer review

If you're holding any sharp objects, put them down for a moment. Here's the newly released trailer for the upcoming fifth installment in the Final Destination franchise.

Ouch. Ignoring the fact that the last film in the franchise was THE Final Destination, the spectre of doom is back to murder some more attractive teens in some grotesquely creative ways.

Although it's not really a franchise that has suffered from killing off all of its characters, the return of Tony (Candyman) Todd at least gives the series an ominous presence in the flesh. As well as the threatened use of the spellcheck nightmare that is 5nal Destination as its title, gone are the attempts to close off the 'saga' with a grand finale. These films could potentially run and run, especially with the added 3D gimmick. Like many others I'm not a fan of 3D, but it's in this fairground ride type of movie that 3D actually has some value, so I'm willing to stick on some shades for Final Destination 5.

Lessons learned? When you've got the Grim Reaper breathing down your neck, it's okay to skip any optician or acupuncturist appointments you may have. Just sayin'.

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