Thursday 7 April 2011


To round off the release of an almost flawless parade of hype-inducing posters, the makers of Hesher have also just released a brand new trailer; possibly one of the most randomly cut together collections of clips I've ever seen for a film starring Natalie Portman. Check it out, next...

Yes folks, we're waist deep in American Indiewood's unconventional approach. Don't get me wrong, I'm thoroughly excited about seeing Hesher and I think this trailer succeeds in getting people talking about the film (any trailer that starts with one of the main characters jumping off a flaming diving board will do that), but can someone tell me what the bejeesus it's all about?

From first appearances it's kind of like Fight Club for middle school, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Hesher sharing a few anarchic similarities with Brad Pitt's Tyler Durden. There to act as a lifestyle guru for the young boy, TJ, he hardly says anything in the trailer except for "I've got a Doctor's appointment. It burns when I urinate". I think that along with the flaming diving board jump tells us everything we need to know about the character.

Along with his appearance in Super, it looks like Rainn Wilson is going to be the king of the indie movies this year, and I'm sure the presence of Miss Natalie Portman (also acting as producer) will make sure they get bums on seats. But it's Joseph Gordon-Levitt's lead role that's got me the most excited, a million miles away from 500 Days Of Summer's lovable, but slightly mopey, Tom.

Personally, I think this looks very interesting and can't wait to see the final results. It feels like it's been a long time coming (it premiered at Sundance in January 2010), but I suppose it's important to release it at the right time, what with 2011 being "the year of Natalie Portman movies". If Fight Club is post-punk then Hesher is most definitely thrash metal, and as a teaser for what's to come I'm completely sold.

Due sometime 2011
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