Wednesday 14 March 2012

American Battleship. No, Not The Liam Neeson One.

Destined to be the second best hastily assembled knock-off of the year after John Carter of Mars, those "geniuses" at The Asylum look like they've done it again with this loving homage to Battleship, the big budget Taylor Kitsch/Liam Neeson/Rihanna(?) movie that's supposedly based on the 'once loved but currently in the cupboard upstairs' board game of the same name.

Putting the inspired into the 'inspired by', I think it's pretty clear what's going on here. Taylor Kitsch's agent is clearly leaking storylines to The Asylum so that when they release their cheap, poorly acted, low budget efforts, Kitsch keeps on looking like Marlon f'ing Brando by comparison. Judging from this trailer at about ten seconds in, he's also hidden their spellchecker. The bastard.

n.b. The irony of chastising a production company for basing a film on a film that itself is just a blatant attempt to copy the Transformers formula isn't lost on me.

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